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Too bright by far

• Recently I flew into Dublin Airport and, as always, was amazed looking down at the 'city of countless public lights'. These are lit at dusk every day and not turned off until dawn, 365 days a year. This is, no doubt, reflected across every town and city in Ireland and across the globe.

We have governments that constantly advise us about the environmental effects of burning fossil fuels. Would it not save money and be better for the environment if the lights were turned off at 1am? Most towns are empty after midnight and, in exceptional cases, our city's tourist-filled streets could be exempt from this new rule -- at least during the summer months.

This country led the way on smoking, so perhaps we could lead the way with this? Ireland has always been known for its 40 shades of green; if an idea like this were to be adopted, we could say we had 41 shades of green.

Karl O'Sullivan
The Cove, Tramore, Co Waterford

Irish Independent