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Today, I am getting ready to emigrate


The words uttered during the Famine spring to my mind today: "The best go and the worst stay". Today, I am getting ready to emigrate. Like all those graduates of my generation, I am stuck.

I am fully qualified having got my BA and MSc, yet I am unable to gain work experience, never mind a job. So, I am choosing a route that so many have before me -- emigrating to foreign shiny shores.

So who can I blame for this situation? The Government or the electorate, who put so much faith in a government that takes everything and gives nothing in return?

Taoisigh (past and present), I lay the blame at your feet.

You had a job to do, but you failed.

Carol Flannery
Ballina, Co Mayo

Every day I browse the Irish Independent and listen to Today FM on the internet, and after every weekend spent back home I get the homesick blues when I have to return to where I write this letter -- my office desk in the UK.

It's a kind of half-in, half-out existence, not wanting to fully let go of home, not wanting to become one of the many older Irish we meet here, who left many years ago with every intention of going home but who never got the opportunity.

It means you don't fully embrace life here. You are waiting for a sign or a glimmer of possibility, a way back into Ireland. I was lucky. As a practising architect, I was made redundant two years ago and was lucky to find employment in a university here after three months on the dole.

I am saddened for all the newly unemployed. It makes the prospect of any chance of moving home seem even more remote.

It maddens me to sit from afar and watch this, helplessly. It maddens me that so many other talented, skilled, educated workers will also have to emigrate.

It maddens me that I can see absolutely no sense of leadership on the political scene.

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It maddens me that everyone is maddened but we still continue to take whatever governmental stupidity is thrown at us.

With my fellow ex-pats, I wait, remote and powerless, hoping the country can welcome us back sometime soon.

Sarah mccormack

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