Monday 11 December 2017

To letter-writer: don't give up

Sir -- It was sad to read the brave letter of the week 'Abuse still haunts me' (Sunday Independent, December 4, 2011).

This writer wrote of his frequent early-morning waking, when painful memories of being physically and sexually assaulted as a child come back to haunt him, and how his cries for help back then were never heard, or were ignored. Ireland must have been a really dark place in the Fifties and Sixties, when, in my view, it was a narrow-minded country. We were a very proudly Catholic country, but not very Christian. I don't think being Christian was really understood.

He wrote of how his love for his wife stops him from doing anything to end his life, but that it can cross his mind at times. I can only suggest, if he hasn't tried it already, to consider looking for counselling to help him to cope and have a happier life in his own mind. It is possible. Specialised counselling for those physically or sexually abused in their youth is available free from some groups.

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