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Time we told our EU 'minders' to get lost


YOUR paper carries reports on two issues of concern (Irish Independent, October 26).

First of all, our Finance Minister received an hour-and-a-half lecture at the weekend from EU Commissioner Olli Rehn on the need to get our finances in order.

And German Chancellor Angela Merkel is up on her high horse about governance issues in places like Ireland.

I would suggest that our Foreign Affairs Minister Micheal Martin politely tell these two individuals where to get off.

Does Mrs Merkel have no recollection of the master stroke by her country's government that set the EU back decades?

I refer to the slither under the door that brought the German Democratic Republic -- the country known to us as East Germany -- into the EU without any kind of referendum of the member states?

I don't recall being asked if I wanted the collapsed economy of the GDR in the EU, or whether I was happy to take on board all the baggage that went with it.

So, shut up, Angela, and mind your own business.

As for Olli Rehn, could this be the same Olli Rehn, who as Enlargement Commissioner, dragged the unready Romania and Bulgaria into the EU to satisfy the territorial ambitions of the US and Britain?

His slavish and blinkered pursuit of a narrow view of enlargement issues has helped create the mess that Europe is in today.

In particular, I can never forgive him for refusing to attach human rights conditions to Romania's entry.

Had he done so, he would have rescued tens of thousands of disabled adults and children from that country's terrible institutions, and given them hope to begin a new life in society.

That he deliberately failed to act, knowing all the facts, makes it hard to take him seriously on issues like our country's finances.

It causes me to wonder as to who might be pulling his strings on this occasion.

So please, Mr Martin, quote a bit of Behan at both of them; tell them to **** off and mind their own business!

If we want advice, we'll take it from people with a bit of credibility.

John Mulligan
Boyle, Co Roscommon

Irish Independent