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Time to draw up a waffle filter

FOR those who are prepared to engage with politicians canvassing at their doors during the election campaign, permit me to recommend a simple but effective ‘political waffle filter’.

This consists of a single A4 sheet, one for each politician, outlining a list of your national and local requirements.

Rather than listen to the usual party spin, insist immediately that they address each of your topics and write briefly their response under each item.

If their response is positive, insist that they indicate an implementation date. Most importantly, ask them to sign and date each item.

Having successfully used this in previous elections, I can guarantee that this simple system will help to decide on your own pre-election priorities.

Most importantly, it will force each politician to be coherent and precise. They will effectively have to sign a covenant, which can be reviewed and presented to them later.

As an example, my own priorities will be:

- Policy on reform of Oireachtas and local government.

- Policy on IMF/EU/ECB bailout costs and ECB culpability in reckless lending to Irish banks.

- Policy on present government decisions on Anglo and the banking bailout.

- Policy and recommendations for existing and future salaries, perks and pensions for politicians, the judiciary and senior public servants.

- Policy on review of all professional fees, particularly legal and medical fees.

- Policy on accountability and sanctions for politicians and senior civil servants for negligence leading to destruction of our society and economy.

The politician who best answers the above to my satisfaction will get my vote.