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Time to create a new Republic

Joseph Kiely's call for the young people of Ireland to form a new 'people's party' (Letters, September 30) should be heeded by all the people of Ireland.

The current useless breed of politicians have utterly failed the people and the country.

The civil war politics and the parties it spawned are out of date and out of time.

The nepotistic dynasties of political families and clans are a stain on our so-called democracy.

These feudal families have infested our politics with a culture of entitlement and arrogant disregard for the rule of democracy. They have polluted the country with a 'favours' way of doing things. . . you scratch my back, etc.

The top positions are not held by the top people but by cronies and political party members or supporters.

You have semi-state bodies being run by incompetent placemen and the culture of nepotism is rife in loss-making dinosaurs such as the Health Service Executive.

We need a political party based on the ideas of freedom, democracy and fairness.

Sadly, when you look at the state of Ireland today, you see a failed State, a bankrupt State, a State that handed over its social and education policies to a foreign power in Rome, only for it to be abused.

The old Constitution and political system need to be torn up and a whole new Republic put in place.

Eddie Appleby
Hampshire, uk

Irish Independent