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Time to abolish burdensome laws

NOW that Fine Gael has said it will reverse the ban on stag hunting it's time to reflect on the other idiocies imposed on us by the outgoing Government.

Let's start with the green tax. The 5pc hike on electricity should be abolished as soon as possible.

This is a luxury tax that a nation with an €85bn debt (thanks to the Greens and Fianna Fail) cannot afford.

Next, the blasphemy law. This law is the spiritual equivalent of the financial shame brought by the Greens and Fianna Fail.

We are being challenged in the European Court by Sweden, acting on behalf of the EU because our law contravenes the right to freedom of speech.

The same people who are lending us money are trying to guarantee our right to freedom of speech. Let's help them out and abolish the law.

Ray Behan
Clontarf, Dublin 3

Irish Independent