Sunday 8 December 2019

Time politicians put country first

In listening to 'Morning Ireland' day after day, I really do have to question the socio-moral compass and sanity of our current political leaders and their respective parties.

The country continues to be faced with the prospect of an economic earthquake, and yet our politicians persist unremittingly and nauseatingly in placing their own party interests ahead of the country's economic survival.

Daily and monotonously, each party spins us the fantastic delusion that they alone have the solution.

Moreover, the frequently trotted out "we are where we are" should never be allowed to distract us from forgetting that we are where we are because you were not where you should have been.

And this applies equally to all of the parties, and not simply Fianna Fail.

If our politicians were really giving priority to Ireland's best interests, the major parties would have agreed by now to put a moratorium on party politics, pooled their resources, and come together to form an emergency national unity government -- to deal with our country's Titanic-sized disaster.

Instead, while our country slowly sinks into the abyss, all the main players of the political parties are still out on the top deck obliviously continuing to play the same old political point-scoring music.

Could anything be more insane?

Dr Ivor Shorts
Dublin 16

Irish Independent

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