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Time for politicians to grow a backbone

From Haughey, Bertie, Biffo up to the latest Lenihan, every Fianna Fail person who had anything to do with Finance has not told the truth.

We should have simply closed the banks and treated all the managers exactly as any other company operating outside company law would have been treated -- prison.

We should not have accepted the huge loans that the incompetent FF foisted on us.

We should now default on them, as Iceland is about to do.

The economy was in far worse shape than we were being told (as were all the other areas of the last Government).

They did not care because they knew that however bad it got they would all walk out happily with huge pensions and simply loaf around waiting for any new government to fail.

And unless this current shower of cringers suddenly discovers enough backbone and integrity to clean up Fianna Fail's gargantuan shambles, Fianna Fail will indeed simply walk back into power not far into the future and just start misleading us all over again.

What we need is a real opposition led by real people, not a shower of suits feeding from the same trough.

We provide the food in the trough. It's more than about time we had a major say in this appalling system of government.

Dick Barton
Tinahely, Co Wicklow

Irish Independent