Monday 9 December 2019

Time for coup de farce

Sir -- What we need is another revolution. A comedy coup, if you will.

The disgruntled population must begin by congregating (in shifts) at the gates of Leinster House, where their laughter, directed at TDs, will be heard all across the nation; and a new spirit of insurgency, based on wisecracking commentators led by Tommy Tiernan, Brendan O'Connor, the Bishop of Ferns, Dustin, Angela McNamara, Dana, Pauline McLynn and Michael O'Leary, will be the new national order.

The country would no doubt rally to the cause. And rather than Ireland becoming a laughing stock where even the Greeks are sniggering at us, we could steal a march by laughing our asses off before the rest of the world realises you'll never beat the Irish . . . except always.

I can see it now: everyone telling Irish jokes to each other; and even in the madness of economic psychosis, huge big grins on the faces of the defeated citizens. Laughter is the best medicine, according to the Reader's Digest, and is an obvious remedy to our never-ending woes. Talking up the situation of meltdown and doing the "going forward" bit with misplaced optimism won't work. No, we're all goosed.

So let's begin by placing our trust in the above-mentioned, all the while guffawing in the mugs of the politicians who have all been found out to be charlatans better suited to being the principals in a Punch and Judy show. When all settles down, my suggestion for Taoiseach is Ardal O'Hanlon. He knows a thing or two about where we need to go in our sad and septic isle. I, for one, will rise and follow him.

Get laughing, Ireland. I love you all -- like a Pope would.

Robert Sullivan,

Bantry, Co Cork.

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