Sunday 17 December 2017

Those who are responsible for atrocities must face trial

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair Photo: REUTERS/Stefan Rousseau/Pool
Former Prime Minister Tony Blair Photo: REUTERS/Stefan Rousseau/Pool
Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Robert Fisk, without doubt the most incisive commentator on Middle East affairs, once again put into plain words not only the duplicity but the unmitigated lies of the political elite of the UK (Article: 7 July 2016). That Tony Blair continues to try to excuse himself by claiming that his actions were taken in good faith, even though they led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people and that he knew that his sanctioned report of weapons of mass destruction were, at best untrue to secure support for his friend George W. Bush; that he was guilty of duping the British electorate for his simpering cry to be allowed to be Bush's lapdog in the ridiculous hope of seeming to be an accomplished statesman; that this has continued by Cameron with the deception of the so-called 70,000 moderates who needed the help of Western democracies in Syria.

Unbelievably, the responses of all sides in the UK has been "let us learn from our mistakes." This has always been the way that the ruling elite in the UK, or anywhere else, has tried to deflect truth and justice away from the guilty. What we should insist upon is that those who are guilty of the outcome of their actions should be tried, either in the Courts of their countries or the International Court of Justice.

Some might say that this is a naive call, but against this accusation of naivety is the certainty that if we do not insist on this justice for those hundreds of thousands of deaths, those responsible will continue in their disregard of human suffering.

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