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Those seeking election should see out full term

Gay Mitchell's nomination as Fine Gael's candidate for the presidential election means he could become the third elected member of the European Parliament to vacate their position two years into a five-year term.

Labour's Alan Kelly and Independent Joe Higgins ran in the general election and passed on their seats in Brussels to substitutes, who were not selected by the electorate.

They join the many county councillors who were elected to local authorities on the same day in 2009, but moved up to Dail Eireann, leaving a party (not public) selection committee to co-opt a replacement.

I don't believe this practice to be in the best interests of the people of Ireland and will make a point of asking every candidate in forthcoming elections if they intend on seeing out the full term for which they are seeking. If not, they will not be receiving my vote.

Mark Aylward
Glasthule, Co Dublin

Irish Independent