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This generation has been betrayed


I AM a part of the country's most reviled demographic -- I am a 25-year-old male with a driver's licence.

My peers and I have been lampooned for years for drinking too much, driving too fast or being lazy.

They say students have changed. Instead of rising up against the injustices in our society we have become obsessed with the easy life, the dole, the pint, the sleep-in. We are no longer at the forefront of change, we do not have the guts and passion of the Vietnam-era protesters or the artistic flair of our New Wave counterparts.

Recently, however, our flaws have been overshadowed and our crown as the unwanted of Ireland has been ripped from our brow.

I have now become the victim, my future has been mortgaged. I have seen grown men reach levels of greed that I thought impossible. Is this what we expect from the people who came to our houses, preaching ideals and reforms, begging us for our votes, shaking our hands, while their other hand was in our pocket?

The good news is that there is a general election on the horizon but for some reason I am finding it hard to care. Would the opposition not have done the same thing if they were in power?

This generation of middle-aged men have surely revealed their true colours. These men, who have blasted the youth of Ireland about morals and respect, must surely be hung out to dry for their own questionable morals and lack of respect for the people who trusted in them.

If this is democracy then I do not want to be a part of it. The expense account brigade have not had the limelight all to themselves. The Catholic Church has also held its own, causing so much hurt to so many.

What are we left with?

We have no money and no faith, we are spiritually and financially bankrupt. This generation has been betrayed. No wonder we are lazy, no wonder we drink, no wonder we leave.

Why should we stay? This country is falling apart, it seems that the only thing to do is emigrate. Just don't bank on getting a loan.

Jonathan Donnellan
Galway City

Irish Independent