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This crisis is an opportunity to do things differently

Letters to the Editor


Households are being hit with steep increases in electricity bills. Stock image

Households are being hit with steep increases in electricity bills. Stock image

Households are being hit with steep increases in electricity bills. Stock image

We are facing a tough economic winter which requires clever thinking, tough decision-making and forward planning.

I hope as a result of this winter, the Government makes all homes, including social housing, more energy-efficient.

In every crisis, there is an opportunity to do things differently. The opportunity here is for the Government to make a massive push towards alternative ways of generating electricity and energy.

The long-term economic benefits would make us an even more attractive economy in the world to do business, but an even better country to live in for both young and old.

Let’s hope for a good spring and better winters to follow.

Maria O’Donovan

Co Cork

Why conserve creatures just to shoot them from our skies?

What an odd rationale the gun lobby in Ireland puts forward when asked to explain why their 27,000 members set out in the early morning to shoot wild birds out of the sky.

“We are in the business of conservation. We go to enormous lengths to conserve many bird species.”

And yet, these same self-proclaimed conservationists, having successfully done their conservation work, pick up their guns and proceed to shoot the conserved birds out of the sky.

It’s an incoherent rationale, at best. At worst, it’s mischievous and dishonest.

Why are the shooters loath to admit they enjoy shooting birds out of the sky – for the kick they get from it, for the adrenaline rush, for the sheer pleasure of killing a wild bird?

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Maybe if they came clean we could have a proper discussion around the rights and the wrongs of killing innocent, wild animals for fun, simply to satisfy the blood lust of people who have no regard for the animals they kill, despite their conservationist claims.

Gerry Boland

Keadue, Co Roscommon

The taxing issue of helping us with fuel price increases

In relation to the Government’s much-anticipated fuel assistance programme, whatever the amount offered, this can
easily be doubled as the Government will recoup at least 50pc in duties and taxes.

Ray Dunne

Enfield, Co Meath

Pakistan floods a wake-up call on climate change

We are petrified at the horrifying scenes of multi-storey hotels crumbling to pieces and bridges submerged beneath surging waters.

The repercussions of the apocalyptic floods sweeping Pakistan affect fragile communities, with women and children’s safety, security and access to shelter, food, medicine and hygiene at stake. What is more important is the collapse of basic healthcare.

I hope political leaders realise the impacts of climate change and lay the groundwork for action.

Dr Munjed Farid Al Qutob

London, UK

Rein in hostility to landlords please

The more I read and the more I hear, the more I worry about the state of mind many Irish landlords must be experiencing.

There is already open public hostility towards Irish landlords, which is never challenged by politicians, to the point where it’s not just the loony left that regularly call for heads on plates.

“Free housing for all” has become the catch-cry and landlords are hounded into corrals of increasing tax and officialdom. It is becoming a minefield to try to stay in the business. Lest we forget, that is what letting property is: a business, pure and simple.

There is, on the horizon, the prospect of another referendum – this time on the subject of housing for all. It will be interesting to learn the form this will take.

It will not be favourable to already compliant landlords who don’t have a choice under current rules, that’s for sure.

Rein in the radicals, everyone, please. It’s becoming scarier by the day.

In recent years we heard a government TD declare: “Landlords should be in jail.”

He did not speculate as to whom, specifically, or how many. Where does this type of incitement end to become replaced with sane discussion?

Robert Sullivan

Bantry, Co Cork

Do we need more reminders of our violent, savage past?

There is a plan to name some bridge on Dublin’s north side “Bloody Sunday Bridge”, as if we need any more reminders of our violent and savage past.

Why not “Brother Kevin Bridge”, after the recently retired Capuchin friar?

Michael Foley

Rathmines, Dublin 6

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