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Think again

• I wonder if the Government, which sailed into power on a promise of total transparency, would publicly answer a few simple questions about the costs of their end of holiday think-ins in Westport and in Carton House, ending up in Sutton.

My main question is: why was Dail Eireann not used? Could it be that the menu was lacking? Were the chauffeur-driven state cars used, and if so, were they shared?

Did the chauffeurs return to base, or were they also accommodated for the duration? Did any of the politicians use their own private transport, and how many used public transport? Will these people be claiming travel expenses?

Did the politicians who live in Mayo go to their own homes at night? Likewise, did those who live in Kildare go home from Carton House?

Members of the Labour Party should be ashamed of themselves, claiming they are THE party with the interests of workers at heart. Now I throw down the gauntlet to the Government and dare them to publish the total cost to the taxpayer of their extravagance.

James J Heslin
Lucan, Co Dublin

Irish Independent