Friday 25 May 2018

There's room for both languages

Sir -- It is difficult to convey my astonishment at the vituperative, noxious discharge that your newspaper selected as its 'Letter of the Week' ('Irish an ethnic cleanser', by Willie Spring) last week. I'm torn between astonishment at the content of the rant, and your selection of it as the best of the letters that week. Was it really?

'Irish an ethnic cleanser (sic) . . . new breed of people . . . people from the western seaboard . . . peasants . . . bred from people who never paid rent or rates . . . no background in the real world . . . bigger dictators than the British . . . '

His third and fourth sentences are priceless: 'Being interested in this subject, and a reader with 60 years' experience, very few journalists have tackled this subject. It is a dangerous game, a bit like kicking a sacred cow in India.'

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