Saturday 26 May 2018

There's no good reason not to wear the poppy

* I was very disappointed to see the usually insightful Robert Fisk descending to the most base populism in order to back up his specious – perhaps fatuous is a better word – argument concerning the wearing of the poppy (Irish Independent, November 9).

Using peremptory phrases like "crime against humanity" to describe the Great War and "obscene fashion appendage" for the poppy, Mr Fisk believes that just because World War I may have been "devoid of meaning" that means we shouldn't remember the men who died in it through the wearing of the poppy.

He wonders why the dead of Agincourt or Waterloo are not remembered to the same extent. Quite obviously this is because of the proximity of the First World War to ourselves and the fact that the scale of suffering endured was far greater.

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