Thursday 23 November 2017

The wrong target for ire

Madam –Well done, Mary Quinn, playing it safe by attacking the unfortunate dole recipients (Letters, Sunday Independent, March 17, 2013).

It was ever the Irish way. When in doubt, demonise the most vulnerable in our society. I would have taken her seriously if she had mentioned the obscene pensions claimed by Mary Harney, Bertie Ahern et al. What a reward they receive for bringing the country to penury. These monies are also coming out of her and her husband's taxes; also those overpaid chancers in the Dail, who went mob-handed to the US to present shamrock on St Patrick's Day. There seems to be no buffers in place to stop these particular gravy trains. A pertinent question also would be "Why do the individuals in the Irish Government think they are worth the extortionate salaries they receive and expenses they claim?"

If, as they say, we are all in this together, they could prove they are serious by halving those salaries and cutting out the expenses completely, thereby paying their own way to work as the people who are lucky enough to have jobs do. They should also get rid of the subsidised bar and restaurant in the Dail and pay in full for their food and drink as everyone else does. In other words, they should refrain from prattling and start doing and we might think that they actually give a damn. Next time Ms Quinn feels like venting her ire, forget the soft targets and instead vent it on the foregoing.

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