Friday 23 February 2018

'The utter gall' of our public servants' sense of entitlement

Serving the people: Michelle Mulherin. Pic: Tom Burke
Serving the people: Michelle Mulherin. Pic: Tom Burke
Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Senator Michelle Mulherin's accusation of bias in failing to get an All-Ireland ticket from the GAA has set me to reflect. I know very little about Ms Mulherin, so if she trains her Junior B team or washes the jerseys for the Under-12s weekly, or follows Mayo around the land through thick and thin or, indeed, sells her quota of club lotto tickets weekly, then I apologise in advance.

If, on the other hand, like many public representatives, her most regular attendance at matters GAA is to smile and accept the accolades for having 'secured' some grant or other - one to which they were more than entitled anyway - then I am reminded of a favoured phrase of Micheál Ó hEithir when he would speak of "the utter gall" of some player who had just performed an outrageous, stupendous sleight of hand on the field of play.

Disgruntlement at not securing an All-Ireland ticket is not the most noteworthy thing; but it does smack of something more serious. Why, in all that's holy, do some of our public representatives, be they Dáil or Seanad, feel when they have reached the higher echelons of 'serving the people' it puts them in a position of entitlement above and beyond the ordinary man/woman?

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