Saturday 16 November 2019

The Rising

•Kevin Myers' assertion that our corrupt political culture owes itself to the 1916 Rising and the revolutionary struggle that followed is both false and reprehensible (Irish Independent, September 13).

The rebels fought a foreign power with the democratic mandate of the Irish people and are rightly remembered for their sacrifice. Their selflessness and courage contrasts with the avaricious political and economic establishment of the modern Irish Republic. I salute them -- we will never see their like again.

Mr Myers's hero was John Redmond. What did he do? He convinced tens of thousands of Irishmen to join up with the British armed forces in World War One. Why? The British promised the Irish a unitary self-governing state (but decided well before 1916 to renege on this). What was the result?

Thirty thousand dead Irishmen, which exceeds by a factor of three the total casualties, civilian and military, in the Irish armed struggles of the 20th century.

What great principle did the Irish fight and die for?

Now this country finds itself prostrate before another power: the EU-IMF. Our cowardly and craven politicians have acquiesced to German demands that the people reimburse their investors that took a (foolish) punt on Ireland's idiotic property boom and surrendered our economic sovereignty.

The politicians trust our European 'friends' that compliance with their deeply iniquitous 'bailout' is in our best interests (or else), despite obvious signs that this plan is doomed to failure. Our leaders obstinately refuse to face reality and instead are prepared to sacrifice our future economic prosperity with many years of 'reparations'. Sounds a lot like John Redmond, eh? Pearse would never have let us sink so low.

Martan O Conghaile
Castlebrook, Dundrum, Dublin 14

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