Friday 15 December 2017

The 'periphery'

• I used to love the European Community. After all, we've much more in common than divides us. We're mostly anti-war, many countries having experienced it at first-hand. We want things to be okay. We'll never get perfection but we can always try to take care of people the best we can.

Everyone got a say, there was no bullying or big countries. Ireland delighted in punching above its weight, joining the project with gusto. I even celebrated the euro. It was a bit slow, but we got there. It was a real community.

Then came the European Union, it simply slid in. Suddenly, apples weren't apples and defence became a part of treaties. We could see that some countries like Poland would be delighted to join a defence pact as protection, but there was no peace pact for countries like Ireland who took part in only peacekeeping missions.

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