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The number is up for TDs

• So, the Government is to reduce the number of TDs by eight. It would be far more economical to reduce the number of TDs to eight. But there is no fear this will happen. They know they are on to a good thing and will not rock the boat.

We have far too many TDs, especially now that we are ruled by Brussels and the troika.

The Dail is simply rubber-stamping rules and regulations emanating from Europe. We cannot afford the luxury of so many TDs.

If they represented the people it might be acceptable, but they represent the party. They are not allowed to express opinions contrary to the party. They are even told how to vote.

If we look at the number of TDs for two counties, we can clearly see the problem. Take Louth, the smallest county. In the 2011 election it had an electorate of 99,530 and elected five TDs. If we look at Galway in 2011, it had an electorate of 172,491 and returned nine TDs.

We can go through any county and it becomes obvious that there are too many TDs. In the present climate, this does not make sense. I am aware that it would mean a constitutional change to reduce the number of TDs to a more realistic manner.

The population of London is about 10 million, but it has just over 90 MPs. Paris has a population of around eight million and has just over 80 deputies.

We have 883 city and county councillors costing a fortune in salaries and travel expenses for trips abroad and in Ireland.

Our TDs are some of the highest paid in the world and have the most generous perks and allowances. They alone decide on their salaries. They do not even have to present receipts most of the time.

There is no employee in the private sector who could possibly do that. And there is no company in the country where the people at the top have no qualifications.

Mr Kenny is CEO of Ireland PLC. If he were to apply to be CEO of any other large outfit, would he even get an interview?

Tom Kennedy
Co Galway

Irish Independent