Sunday 20 October 2019

The Long Fellow

• When John Cuffe states that we need "someone like de Valera to stand up for us against big bully Merkel", he has to be jesting (Letters, December 13).

When Hitler launched his great war against humanity, our leader Eamon de Valera stood idly by and declared that Ireland wouldn't be doing anything to help those being slaughtered by the Nazis because Ireland was a neutral state.

After the war was over, Dev brought great shame down on Ireland, by going to the German embassy in Dublin and offering his condolences on the death of the Nazi tyrant.

Under Dev the Catholic Church was allowed to run amok in Ireland -- it controlled the lives of all the citizens; it was a cesspit.

All the while, Dev hobnobbed with their leader around Dublin, JC McQuaid.

The people lived in poverty and large numbers of them were forced to flee abroad in order to find employment.

Dev was an undiluted disaster.

Paddy O'Brien
Balbriggan, Co Dublin

Irish Independent

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