Sunday 17 December 2017

The hatred of cyclists by cyclists

"It would be irrational to blame a whole group for the dangerous behaviour of a few."

Sir - "Everyone hates cyclists. Even cyclists hate cyclists," states Sarah Caden in her article in the Sunday Independent (July 5 ) When did it become acceptable behaviour to publish such a derogatory generalisation about a whole group of people, in a respected newspaper?

"I say this as a cyclist," Sarah writes, as if this is validation in itself for her incitement to hatred. Reports have shown such incitements and the fostering of a "them and us" attitude will only lead to further aggravation between cyclists and other road users which will in turn will lead to more deaths and injuries on our roads.

I am a responsible bike rider. I am in favour of the new on the spot fines for cyclists and I agree there are reckless cyclists out there. But cyclists are not the only road users breaking the law and they are not the worst offenders, by a long shot.

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