Monday 18 December 2017

The foggiest

• Like a bell tolling on a buoy on a foggy night, the words of the past four years echo across our own personal bays. Former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern: "The boom is getting boomier." Minister Dermot Ahern: "No one's really responsible... we all were part of it." The late Mr Lenihan: "We all partied a little too hard." Taoiseach Ahern again: "Why don't they go and commit suicide" when a little thing called an iceberg ahead was flagged.

Thankfully many are in recovery mode. Ex-Taoiseach Cowen is tooling up with a $60,000 course in California. A pity he didn't take it before entering politics. Another minister sells art in Florida. Most refer to themselves as "private citizens" now, which is slang for "don't ask any awkward questions". However, we are still in thrall to many who preach to us daily. Minister Shatter told those that may gain aid in writing a miserable €20,000 off their house debt that they will have to sell their rings and jewellery. I don't recall any minister telling the fleeing lemmings who transferred their assets under their wives' skirts the same, or those who suddenly found a gra for things British.

Dr Reilly wants to get the restaurants to put a calorie count on the menu. Why? Are we deemed so stupid that the Government must lead us by the hand every step of the way? I note from pictures of the good doc that he ignores the old calorie count every now and again. Don't we all? But we don't lecture others. Like Big Phil and the rest of them, the mantra seems to be: "Do as I say, not as I do."

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