Tuesday 21 November 2017

The euro test

•Buried away inside the 'Special Eurobarometer Report 287' of September 2007, there is a fascinating piece of information.

The report was entitled 'National sides of euro coin', and it asked citizens of the eurozone which of the following statements was true: (1) all euro coins in all countries are the same on both sides; (2) all euro coins in all countries are different on both sides depending on the country in which they were issued; or (3) all euro coins are the same on one side and different on the other side depending on the country in which they were issued.

Now, if you were to say which five countries came bottom of the class, which would they be? Would you hazard a guess and say Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Italy? You'd be absolutely correct if you did. And would you guess who came top? Sorry, trick question, it wasn't Germany (they came third). The top scorers were Finland, the Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg -- the very same sneaky, observant hounds who seem to have such things as sound economies. It is too much of a coincidence not to be darkly meaningful.

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