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The end for FF

• The findings of the Mahon Tribunal were a welcome distraction from promissory notes and bondholders.

There was no shocking developments because even the dogs on Kildare Street knew corruption was endemic in the corridors leading to the Dail bar.

What exactly is the end result, apart from seeing the now leader of Fianna Fail Micheal Martin squirming in a polite but evasive fashion? We have heard of digouts, loans, begging letters, whip-rounds and Mr Ahern's Communion money, but no confessions.

What it does is question the moral judgments and the competence of ministers and party members who tried to frustrate and belittle the tribunal judges.

CAB should be brought in to investigate the political parties mentioned in the report.

If Micheal Martin's intention is to act as decisively as he says, it would be doubtful if there would be a party left at the end of the expulsions.

J Woods
Gort an Choirce, Dun nGall

Irish Independent