Friday 17 November 2017

The electorate needs real alternatives, now

Clearly we can march until the cows come home, we can vent our national spleen on Talk to Joe and we can waste acres of forests writing to the papers, all to no avail. Enda Kenny and the Government will not change the more brutal aspects of the recent Budget because they don't have the freedom to change.

They have, in my opinion, been forced, lemming-like, by the troika to embark on a destructive economic rollercoaster without any real vision or knowledge of the consequences for Irish society.

They target the grey brigade, the infirm and the young as they remain cocooned behind barriers and cans of pepper spray while cushioning themselves and the rich to an extraordinary degree. The recent sleight of hand in the Budget to protect the mega pensions of politicians, judges and senior civil servants is just another case in point.

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