Thursday 23 January 2020

The Druidic connection

I have just discovered US President Obama is really a Clareman, and that we are related through DNA. We are both distant cousins of the first human, Adam. Obama can be traced back to its original O'Bama. An old Druidic name from a tribe that populated The Burren just after the last ice age.

They inhabited the great dolmens scattered around the lunar landscape. They used the land bridge to walk the few thousand miles, as they migrated to the then New World of America.

Unfortunately, no birth records exist, as the dinosaurs ate them before the big bang wiped them out!

If Cousin O'Bama would like to pay a visit to the old ancestral home, I would be happy to share a pint of mead, as we watch the sunrise over The Great Dolmen located west of the Burren Atlantic View.

I would be proud to present him with an honorary Druidic Magic Wand, made from Hollywood, as a token of his links with the old sod.

Cousin Anthony Woods

Ennis, Co Clare

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