Monday 18 December 2017

The Chopras of Ballymagash

Is Ajai Chopra one of the Foxrock Chopras? Is he anything to Blaze Chopra, one of my old rugby buddies? Perhaps he's one of the Ballymagash Chopras? Please, folks, if we don't find his breed and seed soon, there is a chance that he might not be able 'understand' certain stuff about how business is done here (I am nodding and winking as I write this).

Mr Chopra, the ringmaster from the IMF sent to beat some order into this renegade state, will have many challenges over the next five years. I suggest the biggest challenge he will face will be the need to resist the siren call to "go native". By the end of his tour of duty in economic hell, there is a good chance that Mr Chopra will have been convinced that he is from Foxrock, that he went to Belvedere, drinks pints, knows the Ballymagash Chopras well, and will have given all IMF monitoring jobs to said Ballymagash Chopras, not because they are qualified, but because his mammy wanted him to "do something" for the Ballymagash Chopras, because they were "good" to the Foxrock Chopras in the past.

More seriously, Mr Chopra and his colleagues do have some terrible decisions to make, and will make them. But the constant talk of structural reform cannot be allowed to pass unless the 'Foxrockery' and 'Ballymagashery' is beaten out of us.

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