Sunday 25 February 2018

The car is a necessity of life

'The car is a necessity of life'
'The car is a necessity of life'
Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Sir - I cannot see sense in the letter from your 91-year- old correspondent (Sunday Independent, September 11) who, it seems, does not drive because the gardai have said "don't drive, you might hurt yourself". What the gardai say in that respect is irrelevant. What matters is: do they have a licence?

To get such for three years he has to pass a medical test. Can he do that? I am 85 and have had some difficulty passing the eyesight test, but I did, and have a licence. I would drive anyhow, with it or without it.

There is a saying in our own language: Nil dli ag riachtanas - necessity has no law. Indeed my English-Irish dictionary compiled by Tomas de Bhaldraithe and published by Oifig an tSolathair, in AD 1959 includes the sentence: Ni feider teacht gan carr ar na saolta seo - a car is a necessity of life nowadays.

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