Wednesday 13 November 2019

That's rich

• The juxtaposition between the letters titled 'Bled dry' and 'Taken for granted' (August 18) made me pause for thought.

On the one hand you have a plea, on behalf of those genuinely unable to pay the household charge, from a pensioner who is himself struggling to make ends meet; and on the other a call for the publication of the names of all those in receipt of medical cards, university grants, etc.

This type of knee-jerk reaction to the current third level funding debate is extremely unhelpful and reminds me of the type of I'm-all-right-Jack attitude of the Celtic Tiger years.

What Mr Fagan is, essentially, proposing is the naming and shaming of people whose only crime is to be less financially well off than himself.

He seems to think that the majority of people who are receiving financial assistance of any kind have some choice it the matter as he claims that the numbers applying would reduce if their names were made public.

I, like others, had taken some comfort in the belief that, whatever else the recession had meant for this country, it had at least reminded us that we are also a society not merely an economy.

But if, as a society, we are about to start demonising people for being poor then there really is no hope for us.

A Nolan
Ashford, Co Wicklow

Irish Independent

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