Sunday 25 February 2018

Thanks to Kevin, I've seen the light

I SEE poor Kevin Myers has had a bad experience with a plumber recently (Irish Independent, August 26).

In his article (which I had read to me by a passing member of the middle class), he condemns nearly all of us working class as drunken and unpunctual. And so we are. He's right that it's only in Ireland that plumbers or electricians arrive late. If it were to happen in Britain, for example, it would probably be an Irishman. I saw that once in a 1970s sitcom. What a terrible trial it must be for the likes of Kevin that we even exist. We just can't do things right. Unlike the middle classes, for we have them to thank for the wonderful state of our country.

Thanks to the bankers for their financial brilliance. Thanks to the politicians for their honesty and integrity. Thanks to the teachers who, ridiculously, are no longer allowed to beat our children, even though they certainly deserve it. Thanks to the doctors who never misdiagnose.

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