Monday 20 November 2017

Thank your lucky stars

Sir -- I refer to Niamh Horan's article "RTE stars 'struggle to pay mortgages'" (Sunday Independent, Nov 13, 2011).

While I fully agree that everyone is feeling the pain from the recession, it beggars belief that Noel Kelly (talent agent) has gone to such lengths to stress that some RTE top presenters have to sell their cars, can't pay bills and are struggling to get interest-only mortgages. Quite frankly, I find this very hard to accept. I think it is more than likely that the stars in question need to take time out for a serious reality check.

I reared my two children on my own without State help after my marriage broke up over 20 years ago. I struggled all my life to make ends meet and put my children through education. Somehow I managed to keep going and find the means to pay my bills and my mortgage. This, of course, meant that my lifestyle took a hit, not to mention my health. There were plenty of things I wanted to do and places I wanted to see, but this was not an option for me. My priority was keeping a roof over my children's heads and giving them a good education.

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