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Thank heavens for little birds

I had a special cage built because I like the little birds. The cage stopped the crows eating everything. Now I have a thrush with a glorious speckled chest but it looks as though it has swallowed a small football. It is fat and also a bully. It just sits there as though it is in charge of everything and won't allow any of the small birds near the food in the cage.

I get angry as it is there from the time I walk into my little office until I can't see the garden any more.

Realising that my anger was getting me nowhere, I asked a wise friend for help. She lives in the hills above Avoca and used to work in psychiatry.

She had the answer immediately.

"Call it Brian. Then you can laugh at it; you know it will be gone soon; and you can get on with your work."

Thank heavens for wise ladies and small communities.

Dick Barton
Tinahely, Co Wicklow

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