Tuesday 10 December 2019

Tell me, exactly who are the criminals?

How predictable that the singular bravery of 'cementgate' protester Joe McNamara is met with a super swift response and the beleaguered worker is hauled before the courts before you can say 'revolution'.

Meanwhile, countless 'white-collar' fraudsters are protected from the arm of the law by their cosy contacts in the establishment.

Mr McNamara wasn't intending to incite a riot -- his intention was to make a disrespectful and cosseted cabal of people in Leinster House actually take notice of the 'plebs' beyond the gates.

In that, he succeeded and should be applauded for his valour.

As we face into another winter with the certainty of some households unable to afford heating or lighting, perhaps even risking hypothermia, tell me again -- exactly who are the criminals?

Patrick Whelband

I wonder if Justice Minister Dermot Ahern knows that any criminal pursuit against the truck-drivin' man will be seen as against the will of the people.

When a group walked inside an open gate at Leinster House recently, doing no harm, he was out of the traps like a shot, gabbing on about invasions against democracy, and other such silly witterings.

These rulers just don't get it, do they?

The country is seething with anger and these Dail fellows think nothing has changed as they continue to get away with destroying the dreams and hopes of a nation through incompetence, bluster and misleading information.

Robert Sullivan
Bantry, Co Cork

What a hero Joe McNamara is. I only wish I had been a passenger in that cement lorry.

Now I see he is to be charged with criminal damage.

What a fiasco! The Government has caused pain, emotional damage and huge financial stress to every man, woman and child in the country.

Are they charged with criminal neglect?

A little bit of paint is taken off the gates of Leinster House and this man is to be charged with criminal damage.

It's a pity the cement lorry did not demolish Leinster House.

Ms Terry Healy
Kill, Co Kildare

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