Monday 27 January 2020

Tel Aviv sends aid as Gaza suffers

Daniel Briscoe (Letters, February 1) raises the old trumpet about "'hatred for Israel" as one of the reasons for criticism of Israeli aid efforts in Haiti.

Israel's humanitarian efforts in Haiti are overshadowed by her determined efforts to starve Palestinians, deprive them of basic human rights, drop phospherous bombs on them, bulldoze their homes to make way for illegal Israeli settlements, and kill them.

Israel's delivery of aid to Haiti is not likely to make us forget the plight of the Palestinians, a devastated people who still managed to organise a committee for relief aid to Haiti -- a point never mentioned by the media.

Dr Briscoe writes from Israel, so it will be no bother to him to stroll down to Gaza and deliver some relief aid of his own.

Fred Johnston
Circular Road, Galway

Irish Independent

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