Thursday 21 November 2019

TD within his rights to hire family members

As a young person, to say I was disappointed when reading Fiach Kelly's article of March 31 (TD who cut salary in half gives out plum jobs to family members) would be an understatement.

These positions have to be filled regardless, and I believe Mr Griffin when he says that they were all filled by the 'best person for the job'. The dedication of family members, their trust, long hours and availability is more often than not above and beyond what would be provided by a '9 to 5' employee.

This is what has made, and continues to make thousands of Irish family businesses successful. The reporter doesn't ask for what reasons the TD in question has appointed family members, he just presumes the worst -- that this was done out of narrow self-interest. We are right in this country to reassess our relationships with gombeen and 'parish- pump' politics often typified by political dynasties. Mr Griffin, however, doesn't come from one of these. He is a young man who has stayed in this country rather than emigrated. He makes young people look to the future.

Tadhg Casey
Waterford City

Irish Independent

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