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Taxpayers' money lost on translation

JOHN Glennon and Oliver Brennan are upset that an Irish MEP questioned the wisdom of spending taxpayers' (yes, European taxpayers) money on Irish translation.

Objectively, a tiny minority of Irish people are fluent in Irish. Respect costs nothing. Translation does. Ireland should be looking at ways to reduce unnecessary expenditure. Ms Childers is right to question the expenditure of EU funds on an ongoing task that derives no quantitative benefits.

For decades Ireland has spent its own taxpayers' money with the formal objective of restoring the native tongue. This objective has clearly failed. Must we continue to waste not only Irish taxpayers' money, but also that of our European neighbours?

Many like me have been forced to emigrate because of this lack of focus on meaningful results.

We've had pipe dreams for too long. Governance with measurable objectives is what Ireland needs. Feel free to study and speak the language, but let's not ask others to pay for this vanity.

Fergal Leonard
New York

Irish Independent