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Taxpayers' interests should be top priority

The call to the general mortgage-owning populace from the unions to embark upon a mortgage strike is at last the move that is required for the people of this country to assert themselves during a financial fiasco that has ruined many families' lives and threatens to ruin many more.

There is no need for any of us to take to the streets in pointless demonstrations that go largely ignored by those who have brought us to this chaos.

Instead we can simply refuse en masse to carry out selected payments and to target those that are deemed penal and unfair in the light of our predicament.

We can all improve our society by refusing to financially engage with those who would seek to take advantage of our plight while punishing those who seek to make Joe Public pick up the tab for the misdeeds of others.

Michael Noonan wants us all to shop until we drop while warning of a further €4bn contraction in December. He cannot have it both ways.

If the Government had the backbone to write down the obscene Anglo Irish Bank debt, confront senior bondholders and assert itself in our interests against the troika, our plight would be somewhat alleviated. But instead it remains determined to inflict financial gambling losses upon the ordinary taxpaying workers.

If the Government cannot and will not place the interests of its own people above those who gambled and lost, those who broke the law and those who still stand to make a profit at our expense, then it's time for the people to act.

Derek Ross
Blessington, Co Wicklow

Irish Independent