Saturday 25 January 2020

Tax silly promises

Madam -- In 1952 I was nine years of age. At a time when most of the people of Ireland were poor, anyone in regular employment was considered well off! Anyone who owned a car was a toff.

The boats at the North Wall and Dun Laoghaire did a roaring trade, filled with men and women going away and very few coming back. Yes, this was a dreary time in Ireland, and yet our bins were collected twice a week -- no tag needed, our public parks were open -- as were our libraries, and our street lighting showed the way in our time of darkness -- no charge! Our taps gave out water without the threat of it being metered, and all of this when we were on our knees.

So why are we now being charged for all of the above?

We were told a short time ago that we were one of the wealthiest and best educated countries in the world. What happened? Did someone run off with all our money?

How did we manage 60 years ago, when we were really poor and yet our quality of life was so much better than it is today? Sadly we have now become a non-caring nation, governed by banks and faceless people from other shores who tell us what to do, when to do it, and how to do it, and to pay up or else!

I suggest a new tax on all silly promises and statements made in Dail Eireann; I know it would clear our national debt before the end of the year.

Fred Molloy,

Clonsilla, Dublin 15

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