Tuesday 20 March 2018

Tax should be raised on 4x4s

A LAND Rover travelling far too close to the rear of my car at 120kmh on the motorway recently got me thinking about offroad vehicles.

I began to think of what would happen if I had to brake suddenly. My conclusion was that the Land Rover would probably end up a few inches from the dashboard in front of me, with the obvious happening to me as it crumpled the car forward. A car is weak and a 4x4 is strong.

Having driven quite a lot around rural roads, I can understand the need for these vehicles. Some of the minor roads around North Tipperary, for example, resemble the surface of the moon, such are the amount of potholes and indeed sections of road missing here and there. Some people genuinely need 4x4s in places where cars would break.

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