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Tax on youth

• Well Health Minister James Reilly has sorted out the medical profession regarding consultants' pay, not one of them will take a pay cut. Instead, all new entrants will pay the price.

By starting on lower salaries, they will help to maintain the exorbitant salaries of those already in these positions. By Dr Reilly's own admission, Irish consultants are the highest-paid in Europe.

Also, teachers entering the educational system now have worse conditions than those already in permanent positions. If anyone can point out to me where there is a sense of fair play hidden in this agenda, I'd like to know.

All the time we hear that the Government is held hostage to the Croke Park deal. It is a great 'get out of jail card' for doing nothing.

Young people today have a right to be angry. They will shoulder the burden by paying taxes to maintain disproportionate working conditions in health and education. At least those who have emigrated will no longer have the burden of repaying massive amounts of taxes over their lifetime, so that is a plus.

You could be forgiven for thinking this is No Country for Young Men and Women.

Frank Cummin
Clondalkin, Dublin

Irish Independent