Tuesday 12 December 2017

Taoiseach spins fairytales

Sir — I’ve resisted the urge to express an opinion, at least in writing, on the daily spin we hear from this band of imbeciles that we, the equally brainless electorate, keep voting into power.

But like many people, my patience has snapped. I feel I must put it on paper before the poison suffocates me. If I had had the time, I would have organised a welcoming reception to greet the IMF when they landed in Dublin, in the mode of Jack and the boys’ return from the US in 1990.

When I hear the finance experts, who played a major part in the madness that got us to this state of poverty, go on about how the IMF coming here is such a disaster, I wonder if anybody else feels that, at last, this band of incompetent, arrogant fools will no longer be able to make decisions that impact on us so badly. I’m probably being a bit harsh here and should give the Taoiseach some credit for his ability to elicit tears from a room full of grown men and the two Marys, by merely opening his mouth to sing a ballad.

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