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Wednesday 13 November 2019

Talent and FG

• I have often wondered at the sheer waste of real talent, left to sit on the backbenches of Fine Gael, when it could be making a real contribution.

Take someone of Peter Mathews's calibre for instance, and others who are equally talented with excellent qualifications, who would be more suitable for a ministerial post.

When we have ministers in government in a time of absolute crisis who are 'crass' and who embarrass us in Europe, grovelling and behaving in such a servile way, it's sickening to watch.

With Peter Mathews's experience, background and expertise, he would make an excellent Finance Minister and an even better Taoiseach. Or maybe the old guard of Fine Gael would like him to hide in the background and serve his time for five years. Then maybe the public will forget about him and he won't pose a threat to anyone.

It's all such a waste, especially when we need real leadership, someone with constructive ideas who would bring forward real alternative solutions. The country is on its knees and is crying out for people with real imagination that will represent us proudly.

We need an alternative now, before it's too late.

Ann Brennan
Mooncoin, Co Kilkenny

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