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Taking the Mick

• I read with a mix of laughter and rage the run-down of where Mick Wallace's 'pals' stood on his tax evasion, and whether he should resign.

I might allow some benefit of the doubt for those TDs who failed to return your call.

However, to read Wicklow TD Stephen Donnelly's initial answer that it was "an issue for Mick Wallace and the people of Wexford to decide" just smacks of a cop-out.

A similar cop-out was the first response from Finian McGrath, followed by Catherine Murphy, and Richard Boyd-Barrett likewise.

These elected representatives would do well to realise that the electorate put them, like Mr Wallace, into office to represent their feelings and to have the guts to speak out honestly on all matters.

The above-mentioned, as well as the brigade who failed to return your calls, have been very loud on all matters since they took office.

The least they must do for those who elected them is to have the guts to call it like it is on all matters.

Declan Burke
Craughwell, Galway

• If ever a TD lived up to his title it is Mick Wallace TD (Tax Defaulter).

Ivor Shorts
Rathfarnham, Dublin 16

• Even though Mick Wallace should go immediately, for Joe Higgins or Richard Boyd-Barrett or anyone else in the Technical Group/United Left Alliance/Socialist/Whatever-They-Want-To-Call-Themselves-Today Party to come out and demand that he resign for tax dodging is hypocritical in the extreme.

He defrauded the State of a huge tax payment of €1.4m plus penalties, but they successfully convinced more than 800,000 people to not pay a €100 household charge three months ago, costing the State €80m in revenue.

Given that they themselves also refused to pay that particular charge, they should all resign as tax cheats together.

In fact, they should be forced to.

Killian Foley-Walsh

Irish Independent