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Taking control of our own destiny

A Leavy takes Declan Doyle to task for his suggestion that we need new foreign masters to manage our affairs. Depressingly, I have to agree with Declan Doyle.

A glance at the most recent polls tells us that a percentage of the electorate think Brian Cowen is a wonderful Taois-each and that they would vote Fianna Fail back into government. Unbelievable!

What's worse is that I believe that, come the general election, the actual percentage voting for Fianna Fail will be higher than the polls suggest. At the last election the dogs in the street knew we were in trouble, but 'we' voted Fianna Fail back in.

So where do we go? Declan Doyle tells us, justifiably, how 'we' usually manage to shoot ourselves in the foot. When 'we' finally come to accept that, perhaps then we'll have matured enough to rule ourselves.

On the other hand, A Leavy says the diagnosis is simple, but he doesn't tell us the remedy. As far as I know the only power we have is our vote . . . and look at how 'we' have misused that for years.

Still, it isn't all bad. There are at least three of us who think change is long overdue, when we will all understand the power and responsibility we hold in our hands at election time. Power to effect change, but in a responsible manner.

We must not simply vote to punish, or to make a change for its own sake. In other words, vote for sensible policies, vote for people we trust to deliver those policies.

Perhaps we can convince everyone else before the end of January. Or is it March? or June?

Andrew Callaghan
Artane, Dublin 5

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