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Take it as red

I am writing in defence of Taoiseach Enda Kenny following his comments about Junior Minister Kathleen Lynch being a "doughty fighter" as evidenced by her "flaming red hair".

To demonise Mr Kenny is absolutely ridiculous and gives credence to Kevin Myers's recent article (Irish Independent, January 12). 'Equality' is simply the feminist right to whinge.

Any honest, fair-minded, individual will interpret Mr Kenny's description of Ms Lynch as being highly complimentary. The 'Webster International Dictionary' defines doughty as being brave or valiant.

In the west of Ireland there is an abundance of red-haired people, synonymous with the term 'fiery redhead', fiery meaning passionate, committed, single-minded.

I would have far more confidence in our future if "doughty fighters" could be used to describe our government ministers irrespective of hair colour!

Don Byrne
Raheny, Dublin 5

Irish Independent