Sunday 15 December 2019

Take control of passport strikes

Government, it is time to take action regarding passports and public servants working in the passport office. Simply, these employees are playing it cute, causing major disruption for the Irish citizens who employ them through Ireland Inc without actually going on full strike without pay. It is a callous and calculated publicity stunt, specifically targeting the travelling public.

Their insubordination now means they are not carrying out their normal work functions or orders, but still remain on full pay. There are thousands of unemployed citizens who will gladly do this paid work -- therefore bring in people who will get the passports to citizens.

Let the public servants go on strike, without pay, if they so choose. I am quite sure that public servants, too, have mortgages, debts and bills and, therefore, will come to their senses eventually. It is time to do it the hard way, as they appear to so wish.

Government, it is time to take control and take action.

Brian Cooper
Old Youghal Road, Cork

Irish Independent

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