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Take a close look at FG health plan

THERE has been little formal debate of Fine Gael's plan for our health service, as outlined in 'Fair Care' the Fine Gael blueprint for health-sector reform.

Perhaps the most striking element of this plan is the introduction of mandatory health insurance for all citizens, in keeping with the Dutch model.

In a recent article in the Medical Times, Dr James Reilly, FG health spokesman, announced that he and Fine Gael are in talks with a foreign-based insurance company with an interest in the Irish market

Interestingly the name of this firm has not been disclosed.

Is it possible that our health budget is being distributed by Fine Gael, even before they have taken office?

Furthermore, are the recent hikes in health insurance related to the fact that within a matter of months the purchase of these health insurance policies will be compulsory for all citizens under the Fair Care Plan?

Marcus de Brun
Rush, Co Dublin

Irish Independent